18 Things You Should’ve Read About L.A. This Week But Might Have Missed [9-19-2014]

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The Simpsons at the Bowl, parking meters for the homeless, cat friendly cafes, and $85 million mansions…

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[Here’s last week’s rundown if you need to catch up on the last two weeks]

  1. Did you think you were the only one who was miserable during the heat wave? Here’s 16 memes that perfectly capture the experience we were all having this week [welikela.com]
  2. Everyday I try to find at least one thing that makes me grateful I live in L.A. This was Thursday’s reminder [welikela.com]
  3. One city councilperson has pushed to carve out $2 million in funds to renovate Pershing Square [welikela.com]
  4. So there’s an L.A. cafe that serves coffee in chocolate dipped ice cream cones… and here are some pics [welikela.com]
  5. Starting this past Monday, fare rates for Metro increased. Here’s the breakdown [welikela.com]
  6. Love cats? L.A.’s first cat friendly cafe is coming to Chinatown this October [welikela.com]
  7. In case you’ve ever wondered, this is what an $85 million mansion in Beverly Hills looks like [welikela.com]
  8. A Hollywood Food Fest is coming to Koreatown in October and it sounds delicious [welikela.com]
  9. Two bright orange meters that will be used to collect donations to help the homeless are now up and running in Pasadena [laist.com]
  10. A second sunbather at Venice Beach was run over by a county vehicle (no joke!). The second time it’s happend in the lastfour months [laist.com]
  11. The Simpsons at the Hollywood Bowl this past weekend was pretty damn cool [theverge.com]
  12. A proposed measure to split California into six states failed to get the necessary signatures to get on the Nov. 2016 ballot [laweekly.com]
  13. In some of the saddest news of the wake, a man committed suicide on Monday by jumping off the roof of The Standard Hotel in downtown Los Angeles [laist.com]
  14. A proposed program would hit leash-less dog walkers with fines upwards of $100 [laist.com]
  15. A new parking app aims to monetize the act of finding public street parking. Is that really what we want…? [laweekly.com]
  16. Great feature this week in the Huffington Post about a Hawthorne police officer who is really getting it right [huffingtonpost.com]
  17. So it turns out L.A. is going to ease regulations on taxicabs in response to the growing competition from services like Uber and Lyft [latimes.com]
  18. And if you need something to do this weekend, check out the LAist’s weekend planner [laist.com]

This week’s photo, a beauty captured at the Griffith Park Observatory this past weekend. Thanks Carlos for being a loyal supporter of our community using #WeLikeLA!

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