18 Things You Should’ve Read About L.A. This Week But Might Have Missed [9-12-2014]

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What happened this week in Los Angeles? Well, Colossus caught fire, a woman threatened to poop on her neighbor’s doorstep, there’s a free Nutella truck on it’s way, and and of course just a quick reminder it’s going to get really, REALLY hot this weekend in L.A.

All, that plus everything else you might have missed!


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[Here’s last week’s rundown if you need to catch up on the last two weeks]

  1. If you didn’t feel it already, it’s going to get really, REALLY hot this weekend in L.A. [welikela.com]
  2. For those who actually like walking, here’s a map of all the pedestrian crossings and bridges in L.A. [welikela.com]
  3. For the bibliophiles out there: The 12 best bookstores in Los Angeles [welikela.com]
  4. Golden State: an awe-inspiring video of California’s diverse natural beauty [welikela.com]
  5. Urban farming has come to L.A. and this is what it looks like [welikela.com]
  6. U.S. News and World Reports says UCLA outranks USC among top colleges [laweekly.com]
  7. Drivers and cyclists be advised, the new “3-feet” law is here [latimes.com]
  8. LAX’s terminal 2 is getting a makeover and this is what it looks like [la.curbed.com]
  9. FYI: The city is now offering free smoking alarms to all citizens [abc7.com]
  10. The weirdest thing you can do in L.A. this weekend [laist.com]
  11. So Colossus caught fire this week, and this is what that looked like [laist.com]
  12. File under A for adorable: farm animals take the Metro to the L.A. County Fair [laist.com]
  13. 5 fascinating insects you didn’t even realize lived in L.A. [kcet.org]
  14. So apparently California is the top state for geniuses… who knew? [laweekly.com]
  15. Turns out you can fly-fish on the L.A. river... and it’s pretty damn cool [laweekly.com]
  16. Got the munchies? Marijuana pizza has arrived in Los Angeles [laweekly.com]
  17. Woman threatens to poop on doorstep of next person who doesn’t clean up after their dog [laist.com]
  18. The Nutella Truck is a real thing and it’s going to be in L.A. this weekend offering free samples [laist.com]

This week’s photo, one of the most iconic roller coasters of it’s era, set ablaze.

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