16 Things You Should’ve Read About L.A. This Week But Might Have Missed [9-5-2014]

September 5, 2014 by Brian Champlin

This week’s highlights include the escape and capture of an albino cobra in Thousand Oaks, the eruption of a 100 ft. geyser directly off the 405 freeway, and 21 memes that every person who ever lived in L.A. will know to be true.

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  1. 21 memes about Los Angeles every angeleno knows to be true []
  2. Think you’re the only one who ponders how to get by in our fair city? Here’s 9 vital questions every angeleno asks themselves at least once. []
  3. Speaking of questions, have you ever wondered if you could get by without a car in L.A.? The is probably yes, BUT… []
  4. A 100 ft. geyser erupts off the side of the 405 freeway after a hydrant is sheared. []
  5. ICYMI: We announced another group hike to the Hollywood Sign for Sep. 27th.
  6. Turns out you’ve been eating Sushi wrong and you didn’t even know it. []
  7. If you’ve never been to the Kogi BBQ taco truck, here’s 5 reasons you need to check it out. ASAP []
  8. Ever wonder what the most common breed of dog is in L.A.? Or what people like to name their pooches? Well KCRW created this awesome responsive map after collecting data about over 400,000 pups in L.A. []
  9. Like churros? How about a rundown of the best places to get churros in L.A. []
  10. A vegan beer fest is coming to Santa Monica this October! []
  11. Are ride sharing programs like Uber lowering the DUI frequency in Los Angeles? []
  12. A deadly albino cobra escapes, then is captured in the city of Thousand Oaks. []
  13. Don’t expect to be able to rent anything in L.A. if you’re making $13.25 an hour, according to the L.A. Times new web app. []
  14. Residents who are deliberately blocking public beaches can now expect to be levied with heavy fines this fall [scpr.og]
  15. A treasure trove of online photos is available on the L.A. Historical Society’s website. []
  16. Also, be sure not to miss the final supermoon of the summer on Sep 9th. []

Lastly, our photo of the week is actually a screenshot from video of the 405 geyser captured by a motorist who was passing by.

What a sight that must have been as you were driving down the freeway…

Geyser of Water Erupts Next to 405

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