Turns Out You’ve Been Eating Sushi All Wrong and You Didn’t Even Know It

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Hat-tip to the folks over at Munchies for putting together this great video tutorial of chef Naomichi Yasuda schooling a young fish eating novice on the ins and outs of your basic sushi experience, including some cool info on what ‘real’ wasabi is, proper technique for dipping your rolls in the soy sauce, and a few no-no’s that you’ll want to avoid too.

The takeaway from the lesson includes these three overarching rules:


Rule #1: It’s ok, and indeed expected that you use your fingers to eat sushi rolls.

Rule #2: Never, ever, combine eating sushi and ginger. Ginger is there to be eaten by itself as a palate cleanser!

Rule #3: Never shake the soy sauce off the sushi after dipping.


Enjoy the lesson?

We suggest you now go attempt your new and improved sushi eating skills at some of our favorites sushi restaurants in the Los Angeles.

To that end check out this list of the 13 best spots for Sushi in L.A.


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