EVENT: Hike to the Hollywood Sign with We Like L.A. on Oct. 11th, 2014

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[UPDATE: This event was originally scheduled to be on Sep. 27th but has been pushed back to October due to weather / heat concerns]

People really do like the idea of hiking up to the Hollywood Sign, huh? When we fired out a quick survey of the community to determine where sentiment resided, it was clear a lot of folks wanted to do the Sign hike (again), and most (though definitely not all) wanted the easier trail. I suspect we have a good deal of folks who don’t hike that often, so in this respect, we’re happy to accommodate the newbies.

Hopefully in the future we can facilitate some more difficult hikes, but for now we’re just glad to be sparking some community interest in hiking generally.

So… details.

Once again we’ll be taking the Bronson Canyon trail all the way up the top of Mt. Lee, right above where the fenced off Hollywood Sign. It will be a morning hike starting at 7:30am on Saturday, Oct. 11th, 2014. If we’re lucky the weather will permit some spectacular views of the cityscape below.

If you’re interested to see how things went last time we did a group hike up this way, check out our recap of our July hike and it might give you an idea of what you can expect. 😉

To RVSP for the 27th, head over to our Facebook page.

Also, if you haven’t already done so, feel free to sign up for our email list as well so you can stay in the loop if there are any updates on the hiking date, and just to get a reminder about the event the week of. All the info on the hike starts after the jump!


Hollywood Sign View

[Photo Credit: exergy_]

Getting There

From the south side of Griffith Park, head north on Canyon Drive from Franklin Avenue. Once you enter Griffith Park, you’ll notice a gate where the trailhead begins. Go ahead and

Park in the small lot at the trailhead, along the street, or in the spillover lot just south of the trailhead if there’s no room in the lot.

See an embedded map below for exact coordinates on where the trail starts.

Hike Details

DISTANCE ~6 miles


TIME: ~3 hours (there and back)

DIFFICULTY: Easy / Moderate

Bronson Canyon Trail Griffith Park

[Photo Credit: rhaydenla]

Where to Meet

First off, the picture below is EXACTLY where we will meet. We’ll be hanging out right where that tree is (center of frame) starting at 7:15 AM.


The exact Google maps address for this meeting spot is 3160 Canyon Dr. See the pin drop on the map embedded below. There is a small lot right near where are meeting spot is, but with that likely full, there is more parking further south along Canyon Dr.

Just go ahead and park, then walk up the trail and meet us right by the tree / gate!



Additional Considerations

– Bring plenty of water. Bring a hat.  Wear sunscreen. The trail is wide enough so as to accommodate a sizable group (as we may have) BUT the downside is that it provides little shade. Just another reason why we’ll be glad to be taking on the trail fairly early in the AM.

– It kind of goes without saying, but also make sure to wear hike appropriate clothing and footwear.

– The hike has a steady, but not super difficult incline. However the heat will definitely give us a good sweat. We anticipate with a decent pace we can make up and back from the top in around 3 hours.

– We’d ask that if you plan on attending you try to arrive by about 7:15 am to find parking and meet up with the group at the trailhead.

– Dogs are allowed on the trail, but please, PLEASE make sure you keep them leashed. 🙂

– Don’t lag! We’ll be heading up the trail promptly at 7:30am

See map below!



Oh, and if you’re looking for a street address for the trailhead, type in:

3160 Canyon Dr., Los angeles, CA

Last Thing

If you plan on joining us, please RVSP on the event page we created on Facebook.

If you have follow up questions, feel free to comment below or hit us up on Twitter @WeLikeLA.

Thanks. See you guys on the trail!

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