13 Spots for The Best Sushi in L.A. Every Foodie Needs to Have on Their List

October 20, 2014 by Christina Champlin

Let’s face it, Angelenos have a love affair with sushi that can only be described as an obsession. Our proximity to the best fish markets, impressive catalog of master itamae and a high demand for raw delicious fish has turned this town into a veritable sushi playground.

With sushi joints popping up on every corner, we wanted to help separate the mediocre from the oishii worth raising your mercury levels for. From casual eateries to the pricey omakese experiences we have you covered to give you an idea where you can find the best sushi in Los Angeles. Whether you like Chirashi bowls, hand rolls or traditional nigiri this list has something for everyone.


Oh, and if you need a quick tutorial on proper Sushi etiquette, make sure to check out this link to the do’s and don’t of eating your sushi (super fun video included).

Rundown starts after the jump. Enjoy!

Best Sushi in Los Angeles

The Combination C Sushi Platter at Komasa


Komasa has been opened for two decades and serves traditional sushi, so don’t bother trying to order a Philadelphia roll. You won’t get charged an arm and a leg for sushi here that might explain the constant line outside this tiny eatery in Little Tokyo. Do you like spicy tuna rolls? This is the place to get one! Do you like sweet shrimp? This place makes it fresh and they even fry the heads!

351 E 2nd Street Los Angeles CA, 90012

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With locations in California, New York and Hawaii Sasabune rivals some of the priciest sushi spots in Los Angeles. Chef Nobi Kushuhara has been personally selecting fresh fish to put on his menus for 35 years. We suggest ordering the Omakase which gives you a chance to try a variety of things including shellfish, handrolls and dessert! Chef Nobi comes from a background of working for Japans most famous fish market so the Omakase selection of fish is pretty impressive. The lunch Omakase is about half the price of the dinner option and totally worth every penny. If you want to go big do the dinner Omakase, trust us it’s a game changer.

9162 W Olympic Blvd Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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Go’s Mart

A Canoga Park treasure unearthed by Johnathan Gold himself this sushi joint serves their fresh fish with a little pizzaz ala caviar, truffles and gold flakes (be prepared to pay up). The chef is masterful at bringing out the flavors of the fish with these pricey “condiments.” Though this place might be inside of a strip mall but don’t be fooled by the plain decor and location; the food is magnificent. If you don’t take our word for it, may we remind you food god Johnthan Gold more than approves of Go’s Mart?

22330 Sherman Way Canoga Park, CA 91303

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Sushi Gen

This establishment has been serving fantastic rolls and nigiri for over 30 years now. If you can stomach the wait in line you will be rewarded with unaltered fish, impressive sashimi platters and even monk fish liver. While dinner can get expensive (the omakese is the way to go if you are willing to shell out the money) lunch on the other hand is shockingly cheap!

422 E 2nd street Los Angeles CA, 90012

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 Hama Sushi

This lovely little hole in the wall in Little Tokyo is shockingly affordable for the quality of fish they serve up. We love the warning sign at the door stating “No tempura, no teriyaki, no noodles, only sushi and sashimi” so you know these guys mean business. People really love their hand rolls, albacore sashimi and sweet shrimp. If you are a adventurous type try the fresh uni and mackerel for a change.

347 E 2nd St Los Angeles, CA 90012

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Katsu-Ya Studio City

Now, this is not the trendy Katsuya on Hollywood Boulevard but rather the quieter sister, the original, tucked away in Studio City. The service is friendly, the food is good and the prices are reasonable. My recommednation? Get the 14 dollar Chirashi bowl as they don’t skimp on the good stuff and the best part is, they’ll even ask you if you want creamy uni or ikura in your bowl. Yup, this place is now your best friend.

11680 Ventura Way Studio City, CA 91604

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This Pasadena establishment opened its doors in 2013 to rave reviews. The focus is on three types of Japanese food shabu shabu, sushi and otsumami. With fresh ingredients, a simple vision and a minimalist presentation this place make for the perfect stripped down Sushi experience. They also make a mean black sesame panna cota for dessert!

77 N Raymond Pasadena CA 91101

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Yama Seafood

There is some awesomely fresh fish here at Yama Seafood and it’s all cut to order. Owner, Mr. Yama takes your order, delicately cuts your fish and handles the register so be patient and you will be rewarded by his greatness. It is very inexpensive for the quality and quantity of fresh fish offered. Pro tip; know what you are ordering before getting called Mr.Yama doesn’t like to wait and if he is pleased he might throw in some ‘extra” tasty treats with your order.


N Las Tuna Dr San Gabriel CA, 91776

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Kiwami means “the ultimate” Chef Katsuya Uechi who lent his name to the SBE famed Katsuya chains turns his own focus to a more traditional Japanese fare at this Studio City restaurant. Try the omakase, chef Uechi selects his favorite dishes that include nigari and sashimi.

11920 Ventura Boulevard Studio City CA, 91604

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Q Sushi 

If you are looking for a simplistic Japanese dining experience Q Sushi is it. Chef Hiroyuki Narukes prepares only Omaske style in Edomae tradition. Quick sushi history lesson: The Edo period of Japan was the first to combine raw fish and rice together! Minimal presentations accentuate the flavors of the pristine fish selections. This no frills restaurant is extremely rare in Los Angeles and with it comes a cost. The about 20 dish meal is expensive, intimate and life changing. Q Sushi is the next best thing to flying to Japan for sushi.

521 West 7th st Los Angeles CA, 90014

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The youngest spot on the list belongs to KazuNoria, which is a hand roll bar and popular spin off of Sugarfish. The signature warm rice and crispy nori combination is enjoyed in a casual setting. Prices are low and quality is high. If you are a fan of Sugarfish you will appreciate this concept eatery.

421 S Main st Los Angeles CA, 90013

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With eight locations this chain serves delicious sushi daily. We suggest getting one of the pre fixe meals they bring your meal dish by dish so you eat the sushi right away before the warm vinegary rice cooks your fish. Make sure to include a blue crab hand roll with your order, it’s kind of amazing.. who are we kidding it’s AMAZING.

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Sushi Ike

This popular establishment is located in a old Hollywood strip mall. For over 20 years now sushi purist have been flocking to this establishment for nigari and sashimi done in the most simple preperation. Fish and rice with a touch of sea salt, soy sauce or wasabi Chef Hiroshi Ikeda lets the freshness of his fish shine through. They have a must order item… the grilled octopus which is charred to perfection.

6051 Hollywood Boulevard ste 105 Los Angeles, CA 90028

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Have your own pick for the best sushi in L.A.? Let us know what you think we missed in the comments below!