Map Study of L.A. Pooches Shows Chihuahuas and Labs are Top Dogs

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Hat-tip to KCRW for putting together this awesome responsive map study of Los Angeles dogs, which was inspired by a similar project that was commissioned in New York City.


The L.A. version compiled info on 416,338 dogs, although as they admit in their overview their are many, many unregistered pups that aren’t accounted for in the survey.

A couple highlights from the data include:

The top five dog breeds: Chihuahua, Lab/Lab Mix, German Shepherd, Terrier, and Pit Bull.

The top five dog names: Max, Bella, Lucky, Princess, and Buddy.

It’s fun to play around with the map above, and of course if you want to dig around you can access the raw database of all the data they collected.



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