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Huge Geyser of Water Erupts Next to 405 After Hydrant is Sheered

September 3, 2014 by Brian Champlin

So there’s this… a video capturing the sheared hydrant that took place today off the 405 freeway at approximately 3:45pm. As terrible as it is for Los Angeles to have another incident like this  (especially with the drought going on), listening to the videographer completely lose his shit as he witnesses the geyser eruption is pretty damn entertaining.

Here’s the unofficial transcript from the vid, which provides an almost apocalyptic narrative:


Guy: “Wow…

Girl: “That’s insane…”

Guy: “Oh my gosh, how much water do you think that is?”

Girl: “Who knows…”

Guy: “Oh my gosh…

Girl: “Whatever amount… (unintelligible)”

Guy: “Oh my god! Look it’s spraying all over the building and the trees and stuff”

Girl: “They’re probably gonna have to…  (unintelligible)”


To be a fair, according to Reddit the dude in the video claims he was high while the recording took place, which makes complete sense to me.

** UPDATE: Looks like it was a sheared hydrant and NOT a busted water main that caused this geyser to erupt. This story has been updated to reflect that report **