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Urban Farming on Downtown L.A. Rooftops? It’s Here and This is What It Looks Like

September 8, 2014 by Brian Champlin

I’m always interested in aspects of urban planning that may affect Los Angeles in the future, and the radical notion of building sustainable food depots on top of our existing buildings is a particularly disruptive idea.

Best of all? That future is kind of already here.



In the video embed above a pair of UC Irvine professors visit with architect, and urban farming consultant, Ruth Meghiddo as she tours Farm Urbana, an installation built on the rooftop of a downtown building in the fashion district.

The leafy greens you see grown in the video are not potted, but are housed in plastic cylinders that use a rather ingenious drip system that hydrates the roots of the plants by showering them with water from above, and then recycles nutrient runoff and puts it back into the system.

Pretty cool stuff, and definitely food for thought (pun intended).

Short documentary was produced by Rick Meghiddo

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