How to Plant a Drought Tolerant Garden: L.A. County’s Official Handbook

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Did you know that L.A. County created an entire guide for planting drought tolerant (read: low water usage) plants, trees, and vegetation?

The 27 page handbook breaks down the greater L.A. area into 7 distinctive zones: Catalina, the immediate coast, the Santa Monica mountains, the L.A basin, the San Gabriel Mountains / Foothills, the Mojave Desert / Antelope Valley, and the interior / western mountains.


Drought Tolerant Zinnias

[Photo Credit: chariyaleeds]

Within each zone there’s a list of climate appropriate trees, vines, grasses, hedges, and perennials.

In addition to the index of appropriate drought tolerant plant types, there is also a wealth of information on planning your garden, checking soil types, tips for watering the plants, capturing rain water, composting, mulching, and long-term care and maintenance.

You can check out the full PDF guide below. And thanks for remember that we’re in a drought!

Download the PDF guide 



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