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Glass Candy at the Fonda Theater

Doing stuff in Los Angeles should be easy, right? And finding ways to find events of interest should be even easier.


Think of this as the one page that you go to when you’re looking for pages where you can locate stuff to do in L.A. (ahem… might want to bookmark it).

And if you feel like I missed something, feel free to let us know in the comments so we can potentially edit the page and make the list even more valuable.

Either way, hope it’s useful.

[Photo: Glassy Candy performing at the Fonda Theater courtesy http://instagram.com/welikela]

The News Sites With L.A. Event Pages

I personally think the L.A. Times and LA Weekly are a little too laundry listy with their events streams, but the LAist is pretty good about sorting through the mess of what’s going on in L.A. and putting out weekly articles you can use to find more qualified cool events and activities.

For your pleasure, I’ve linked directly to the core content pages where you can find event listings for each of these news outlets:

L.A. Times


L.A. Weekly




Music and Concert Specific Events Pages


Search by artist to see if your favorite might be appearing in a specific location any time soon. Extremely handy.


The Scenestar

A Los Angeles specific concerts page with an ongoing, mass list of acts playing in the area. I think their simple layout makes this site exceptionally useful.


KCRW Events

Our local public radio friends. Good listing of concerts, less cluttered than some of the other big news site concert feeds. Not comprehensive, but feels more authentically curated.


Other Pages to find Los Angeles Events


The intellectual types over at Reddit have their own event calendar, which though sparsely populated, will contain a good tip or two every once in awhile.


KCET Events

It’s public television, so the listing might be a little bourgie for some tastes (there only so many performance art festivals or open mic nights I want to know about), but definitely worth a look to find some offbeat stuff.



The nice thing about stuff listed on Meet Up is that you might not find it in any of these other resources, and you’ll find loads of great opportunities to go to functions to network, have fun, and meet new people (hence the name!).



Ok, you might be skeptical, but you every once in awhile you might find a gem or two in the trash pile of Craigslist listing! But be sure you properly vet any shady looking ad.



I’m honestly not sure how much DoLA actually adds to the mix, but I really do like their user interface and I think with the right kinds of event feeds it could be a superior event page to some of the ones listed.


Obligatory Generic Event Sites

Sometimes sites are so big you can’t ignore them, even if you’re not sure of their absolute value. Two below fit that description exactly.





Have a site or resource you’d like to add to the list? Let us know in the comments section below!



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