So Can I Park in a Yellow Zone? Los Angeles Parking Curbs Explained

May 29, 2014 by Brian Champlin

Know your zones. That’s one of the first successful tips to getting a handle on parking in Los Angeles.

Like, for instance, before I compiled some research on this subject, I honestly had no idea that yellow zones were open to park in after 6pm daily and totally unenforced on Sundays. Cool, right?


Thankfully, for a further breakdown of parking zones the L.A. Department of Transit has some handy (and brief!) videos that provide simple, straight forward explanations of what the parking curb colors indicate and when enforcement is in effect.

For your edification, we’ve complied the most relevant below.

Here you go, and hope it helps!

Passenger Loading White Zones

Credit: LADOT

In Los Angeles, is Yellow Curb Parking Allowed?

These are normally for loading and unloading during hours of operation. You can park in yellow zones for 5 minutes (as a passenger vehicle) and the hours of enforcement are 7am – 6pm Monday – Saturday. Otherwise, you’re free to park there (unless otherwise indicated). So next time you’re headed out to dinner or a bar for the evening and see an open yellow spot near your destination, go ahead and snag it.

And does L.A. Allow me to Park in Green Zones?

You can’t park in a timezone (green) space longer than the time indicated by signs near that zone. If no signs are present, the timezones will be enforced from 8am to 6pm on Monday through Saturday. After hours, you’re free to park there.

What About White Zones? Can I Park There?

Only for 5 minutes, and only if there is someone with the vehicle. Can’t leave these babies unattended. Enforced 24/7.

And About Those Red Zones…?

Don’t be an idiot. Of course you can never park in a red zone.

Those “No Stopping” Zones?

Now you’re just trolling. Definitely getting towed.

What About Long Term Parking? Like Multiple Days?

Vehicles parked upon any highway, street or alley for 72 consecutive hours are subject to citation and impound (they’ll tow your ass).

Have any other parking tips or tricks you’d like to share? Or maybe just vent about an awful parking ticket experience 😉 Let us know in the comments below.