Awesome Photography Project Aims to Capture “Faces of Los Angeles”

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Faces of Geneva Project b Josh Fassbind

As a photographer based in Geneva, Josh Fassbind had a very unique vision. His goal was to photograph portraits of one person from every country in the world recognized by the United Nations. Despite being a small city, Geneva was ideal because of it’s diversity and it’s international importance. After more than 18 months of work the resulting collection of 156 photographs came together in Faces of Geneva (see video below).



Having now moved to Los Angeles, Josh has set his sights on capturing the same set of diversity but through the lens of the city of angels.

After recently having a chance to meet with Josh, I realized I had the unique opportunity to help him out with what I think will be an amazing project.

Because the We Like L.A. community is made up of a very diverse group of angelenos (and proud of that diversity!), I wanted to to extend an invitation on Josh’s behalf for our readers to participate as subjects in a project Josh wants to put together called Faces of Los Angeles.

From Josh:

“Now that I have been in LA for the better part of a year, I see better all this city has to offer photographically and on a human level… In a nutshell, each photograph will be taken in the participants chosen location in Los Angeles. Everyone will also have to choose one word that best describes their feeling about LA.”

Participants, if nothing else, will be immortalized in a beautiful portrait taken by an amazing photographer (see awesome photo above from the Geneva project for example). Of course, my feeling is that taking part in something bigger than yourself has it’s own intrinsic rewards. But that’s just me.

To inquire about being a subject go to the Faces of Los Angeles project page on Josh’s website. You can read more about his goals for the project, background information, and If you scroll down to the bottom you’ll see a submission form. Simply fill it out and you’ll get word back about possible participation.

[Photo Credit: Josh Fassbind | Faces of Geneva]

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