Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day is Tomorrow!

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For over 35 years the folks at Ben & Jerry’s have picked one day each year to give back to their loyal customers by offering every patron who enters the establishment that day a free cone of their favorite flavor.

This year that day falls on Tuesday, April 12, and, oh hey, that’s tomorrow!


Whether you’re a fan Cherry Garcia, Phish Food or Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, go grab your free cone anytime from 12:00pm to 8:00pm.

Best part? After you stand in line, get your scoop, and scarf it down, you can then jump back in line and do it all again!

For a complete rundown of all the B&J’s locations in Los Angeles check out their store locator tool, which you can also use to see if the locations are participating in tomorrow’s promotion.

For more information regarding the promotion generally, visit the Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day page.


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