15 Awesome Los Angeles Dog Parks Where Your Ruffer Can Roam Free

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When Fido has the urge for cardio, Angelenos don’t have to look too far for dog-friendly turf. After a nice brunch date with your canine companion, why not make a day of it and work off some carbs (you) and energy (your dog) by visiting some of the best dog parks in the City of Angels? Doggy play dates are a perfect way to socialize your dog while also letting them burn off some steam because, as all dog owners know, 16-hour naps just aren’t enough.

As the owner of three high-energy pit bull mutts who love to lick all human faces and sniff all doggy butts I prefer to keep the leash on so I’ve included a few on-leash dog parks as well. All the following off-leash parks have designated areas for large and small dogs.


Without further ado, here’s the list (in no particular order) that’ll get those tails wagging for the great outdoors!

NOTE: Please follow the “No Poop Left Behind” rule and pick up after your pup.  Let’s keep these parks as clean as possible by doing our part. Also, it goes without saying, but if your dog has any aggression issues or might not do well in a social environment, it’s probably best to reconsider a visit to the dog park.

1. Alice’s Park

The two-and-a-half acre dog park is located within Viña Vieja Park in Pasadena and boasts herbicide free grass. There are shaded areas and benches available. In addition to water fountains and bag dispensers there are tennis balls throughout the park for a fun game of catch… or not depending on if your dog likes to share.

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2. The Boneyard

It’s just a little over an acre in Culver City with water fountains and ample parking. Most parks close at dusk but this place is open till 10 p.m. as their site proudly states, “We have lights!”

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3. Arts District Park

The volunteer-run park is on the smaller end but it’s perfect for DTLA locals looking to taking Fido for a short walk. True to its artsy surroundings the park got a little redesign help from muralist Septerhed- this is more for your viewing pleasure and photo-ops, natch.

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4. Redondo Beach Dog Park

Bring some balls to play chase with your pooch at this fenced three-acre park with a wood chip surface. Pooper scoopers are provided and there are water bowls in both the large and small dog areas.

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Redondo Beach Dog Park
Redondo Beach Dog Park. Credit: Urban Outbacker via flickr

5. Silver Lake Dog Park

This local favorite  doesn’t have as much grass (we are in a drought after all) but it’s a two-mile walk around the reservoir so there’s that. It recently benefited from some added shade so your dog can cool down while you sip on iced coffee from Intelligentsia cause you’re in Silver Lake after all.

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6. Crescenta Valley Dog Park

L.A.’s very first dog park is 1.5 acres and features a decomposed granite and woodchip surface with benches and shaded areas as well as a few oak trees. There are also dog washing stations and drinking fountains available.

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7. Rosie’s Beach

A favorite for humans and canines alike, Rosie’s is a three-acre four-acre park and the only off-leash dog beach in L.A. County. On exceptionally hot days you never want to leave your dog out in the heat for too long so Rosie’s is the perfect solution that’ll help cool you and your canine down. Only one dog is permitted per adult so keep that in mind if you have a pack of fur babies.

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Rosie's Dog Beach
Rosie’s Dog Beach. Credit: Justin Rudd

8. Oberrierder Dog Park

It’s not the  largest dog park but it’s known for being clean and for attracting friendly dogs (and owners). Bags are provided and there are water fountains available.

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9. Polliwog Park Dog Run

The 5,600-square-feet dog run  is within the largest park in the South Bay area, a popular site known for its beauty and cleanliness. Dog are not allowed off-leash outside the dog run and must stay on the “white paw print road” also known as the Dog Walk Path. Bag dispensers and water fountains are available.

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10. Laurel Canyon Park

Spanning five acres, this is the largest fenced-in dog park in L.A., centrally located on Mulholland Drive.  With all that space it’s also a popular spot for dog walkers so keep that in mind if you prefer less populated areas.

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11. Whittier Dog Park

The newest entry on this list, Whittier Dog Park just opened in August of 2015, but it’s looking like it’s going to be a local favorite for years to come. The park is mostly dirt (not grassy) and is divided into big/little sections, with the space for the larger pups especially sizable. One thing to note is that the parking lot could stand to be a bit bigger (maybe only 20 spaces total?), so things may get a little crowded during peak hours. All in all, a great addition to the community!

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 12. Sepulveda Basin Off-Leash Dog Park

A Valley favorite that spans six and a half acres of grassland that makes it worth the drive if you’re not a local. There are three fenced-off areas for all different sizes and water bowls and drinking fountains available. If you’d rather enjoy a picnic date with your fur baby check out the on-leash picnic area.  A Valley bonus is there’s also plenty of parking available.

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13. El Dorado Dog Park

The  one-and-a-half  acre park opened last year in East Long Beach and has become a favorite among locals. The park is fenced in and has  bag dispensers and a drinking fountain and there is only one bench so it’s recommended you bring your own chair. It is located behind the entrance gate to El Dorado Regional Park, which requires an admission fee though annual passes are available.

[UPDATE: El Dorado contacted us on 8/26/15 to let us know they recently added in two new benches. Bonus!]

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14. Griffith Dog Park

The park is a little more than one and a half acres and is conveniently located near the 134 and 5 and is known for being a low-key spot. There are benches and tables for you to relax on while your dog roams the grounds though there isn’t much grass.

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15. Hermon Dog Park

The park in Montecito Heights has an area for large dogs and one for small “elderly and disabled dogs” with a double-gated entrance,  water dispensers, and a surface of decomposed granite. They also host several fun events including summer movie nights and Yappy Hour,  a doggy social hour with guests including trainers and dog behaviorists. The nonprofit Friends of Hermon Dog Park is working with the city to build an agility course so be on the look out.

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BONUS: A Few On-Leash Parks for Dogs

Leo Carrillo State Beach

Leo Carrillo is 1.5 miles of beach to give you and your pet a good work out while you enjoy the cool Pacific Ocean breeze. It’s a popular Malibu beach and campground so you’ll probably encounter quite a few other furry visitors but if you want a less crowded trip go in the morning. Dogs are allowed north of lifeguard tower 3 and make sure to bring bags as there aren’t any on the premises.

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Lake Hollywood

While technically not a dog park it’s one the most loved parks for pets and Angelenos alike. The Instagram-worthiness adds to the appeal with its as-close-as-you-can-get view of the Hollywood sign. Since it’s not a dog park it’s not gated so keep your dogs on leash (you will be fined otherwise).

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L.A. Live Dog Park

The little-known dog park near the freeway ramp opened in November of 2013 and has remained under the radar despite its growing popularity. The park is patrolled by L.A. Live security and even has surveillance cameras and an emergency call box. There are gated areas for large and small dogs with bags available.

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What’s your favorite dog park in Los Angeles? Let us know in the comments below!


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