16 Awesome L.A. Spots Perfect For Catching a Gorgeous Sunset

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If you’re anything like me then summer time in L.A. means you’re looking for as many reasons as possible to get outside and soak up the sun rays.

So what’s my favorite excuse? Chasing sunsets!


Given our our temperate, sunny SoCal weather mixed with miles upon miles of westward/southern facing coastal terrain and our incredible variety of local parks and hiking spots, there are many great vantage points where you can enjoy epic sunsets in and around Los Angeles.

With that in mind, here’s a list of a few premium locations throughout L.A. county where you can catch a gorgeous sunset perfect enough to share on your Instagram or just enjoy a special moment with your friends or sweetie.

Enjoy the rundown (in no particular order).

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1. Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes


Perfect for a sunset stroll or simple hike with extensive views of the ocean and beyond. More information.

2. Manhattan Beach Pier


Definitely a classic and my personal favorite when it comes to watching the sunset. So many different angles to shoot from, especially with the pier.

More information.

3. Barnsdall Park


Located in Hollywood this park is nothing short of amazing views for picnics or watching the sunset. Don’t forget to check out the Hollyhock House while at the park. More information

4. Griffith Park


Want to see what the sunset over Los Angels looks like? Head to Griffith Park but be sure to get there early as parking is limited and traffic builds around sunset. More information

5. Hilltop Park in Signal Hill


Kind of a secret in the LBC, but this park offers nothing short of panoramic views from LA Harbor to the Hollywood Hills. Also a great place to watch the sunrise. 😉

More information

6. The Getty Center


Who doesn’t love art, cool architecture and an elevated view of the sunset? It’s the perfect excuse to visit The Getty Center. More information

7. Venice Beach Skatepark (or Palm Tree Grove on the Boardwalk)


Venice Beach in general is an eccentric place to visit but the sunset views make the trip well worth it.

More information

8. Angels Gate Recreation Center / Korean Bell of Friendship


Located in San Pedro, many people aren’t aware of this historic landmark on top of a hill that on looks the ocean which makes it a perfect spot for sunset watching on a clear evening.

More information

9. El Matador State Beach

El Matador State Beach Sunset
El Matador State Beach. Credit: CheWei Chang via flickr

This beach isn’t for surfing or swimming because of the rocks but it makes for great silhouette shots during sunset.

More information

10. Santa Monica Pier


The famous pier is where Route 66 ends and a lot of fun begins. Home to classic piers items like a ferris wheel overlooking the ocean and a vintage carousel and a collection of restaurants, this is pier is the perfect place to watch the sunset and have fun.

Bonus tip: go on Thursday evenings for the Twilight Concert series for an evening of music, fun and endless beach vibes.

More information

11. Point Dume State Beach

Sunset Point Dume Malibu
Sunset at Point Dume in Malibu. Credit: Rain0975 via flickr

Located off the coast of Malibu, this promontory point shoots out into the Pacific Ocean. This beach is also a popular filming location for grand scale movies but an even greater spot for watching the sunset.

More information

12. Belmont Shore Pier


Personally not my favorite beach but it’s not too shabby for a sunset photo session. Great views of the sun setting behind the city of Long Beach and port of Los Angeles for an alternative sunset view.

More information

13. Malibu State Creek Park


Watching the sunset behind the hills and canyon is absolutely breathtaking. Just don’t stay out there too long because it gets dark real quick.

More information

14. El Porto Beach


If you go a little north up the coast from the Manhattan Beach Pier you end up at El Porto, a popular surfing spot and location of numerous great white shark sightings (usually just juveniles) over the past few years. It’s also a great location to catch a sunset.

More information

15. The LA Skyline from Elysian Park


If you didn’t know, Elysian Park is just beside Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. Going the various ends of the parks offers various views of LA from the DTLA skyline to Dodgers Stadium and the Hollywood Hills. It’s a great location for watching the sunset over Los Angeles.

More information

16.  Levitated Mass at LACMA

Levitated Mass LACMA Sunset
Levitated Mass at LACMA. Credit: m-bot via flickr

LACMA is a must see when in L.A., at least check out Urban Lights and Levitated Mass which make for great pictures especially around sunset. Bonus tip, go on a Friday evening to attend the summertime Jazz concerts. Good music, art and sunsets…doesn’t get much better than that.

More information

There are many great spots in L.A. to catch a beautiful sunset. Let us know your favorite in the comments below!


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