A Cool (and Kind of Illegal) Climb up the Abandoned Relay Tower in Calabasas [VIDEO]

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Have you ever heard of the abandoned relay tower that sits perched high atop the canyons of Calabasas near Backbone Trail? You haven’t? Well, let me introduce to one of L.A.’s coolest ruins.

Now, in terms of history I heard several different things about what “Stunt Tower” may actually used to have been, with some claiming it’s an old AT&T radio tower, while others saying it was part of the NIKE missile defense program or was used by the LAFD as a watch.


You can really find a definitive source online about the origins,  but I guess in some ways the mysteriousness only adds to the lore.

Whatever the tower used to be, today it resides as a graffiti torn shell of it’s former shelf, but a shell with an epic panoramic view of Los Angeles County and the Pacific Coast.

As the title of the article suggests, the tower is located on private property and we do not advocate or advise trespassing to access the tower.

That said, a few intrepid souls did decide to bypass the fence and make a climb up to the top.

We’ve embedded their video below (sweet music choice btw), followed by a map with exact GPS coordinates of the location.

Enjoy the vid.





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