DMV Solicits Feedback on Self Driving Cars Via Reddit

March 8, 2014 by Brian Champlin

Self Drivig Cars on the Roadways

Self driving cars are inching closer to reality. No joke.


Nothing drives that point home more than the seriousness with which the California DMV is taking the oncoming issue of self driving cars on our roads. Case in point, the DMV took the proactive step of holding a discussion forum on Reddit to discuss possible concerns, logistics, and legalities of these autonomous automobiles as they enter our fair state.

The discussion (started on March 7, 2014) has proven to be lively, informative, and definitely thought provoking.

Among the most interesting points highlighted in the discussion:

  • What kind of license is required to “operate” a self driving car? Could a youth travel alone?
  • Should a capable driver need to be on hand should a SDC (self driving car) malfunction?
  • Should SDCs have their own traffic lane?
  • How is liability handled when there is an accident? Specifically raised is the point about how a SDC would perform in severe weather.
  • Would driverless, no-passenger SDCs be allowed to roam the road?
  • Should there be an indicator light that is displayed to other drivers to show that an SDC is in operation? What about a black box that records all of the SDCs data?
  • Also brought up, the issue of security to prevent hacking a SDC computer system vs. the necessity / luxury of an operator to customer his car’s software.

These important issues, and many more are brought up in the discussion.

I fully encourage you to go to the thread and read the full comments so you can get a better grasp on the issues being tackled with the coming introduction of SDCs to the California roadways.

Yay to the future!