NO GO! Slip N’ Slide Event in DTLA Has Permit Denied

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Remember that slip n’ slide event we wrote about that was going to create a giant water slide in downtown Los Angeles that would extend more than three city blocks?

Well… not so fast.


The organizers, Slide the Citysent out an email on Friday letting the public know that their permit had been denied by the city of Los Angeles.

A portion of the letter s referenced below via an article from Curbed LA:

“After tirelessly working with the City over the past 2+ months we received word that our permit is being denied. We have been working even harder over the past few days to resolve any issues the City may have but it appears there is no resolution.”

Although drought leery petitioners have stated that the event could use 15,000 – 20,000 gallons of water, the public should also know the organizers have made arrangements to recycle the water from the event to Griffith Park.

Either way,  it sounds like the cart kind of got put ahead of the horse here, or perhaps it was the petition/outcry that took place immediately after announcement of the event that pushed administrators to put a hold on the permit.

I guess we’ll see how this plays out over the next couple days, but the news definitely puts a damper on things if you were already looking forward to attending.

The water slide was supposed to go up the final weekend of Sep. but now… we can all just wait and see.


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