Google Maps Easter Egg Lets You Play Pacman on Streets of L.A.

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Looking to kill 15 minutes of your day? Sure, who isn’t…

So Google Maps launched a fun little Easter Egg today that allows you to click a button and convert any map area into a make-shift Pacman arena,  dotting the streets with yellow pellets and the populating the path with the classic four ghosts who are out to get you.


Earlier I gave it a shot on the tight quadrants of downtown L.A. and then moved over to Koreatown for a quick run.

I admit I didn’t last long, but at least it was good for a brief chuckle to break up my day.

Pacman on Google Maps
Screenshot of Google Maps

If you want to test it out there are complete instructions on how to launch the game via the Google support documentation.

Keep in mind finding / launching the Pacman game on Google Maps is a bit different depending on if you’re on a desktop browser or using a mobile device.



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