Here’s The Schedule for Free Grand Performances in DTLA (Summer 2016)

June 10, 2016 by Brian Champlin

Grand Performances, one of L.A.’s finest outdoor concert series is back for its now 30th season starting on June 10.

Each performance / screening / concert will take place at Grand Avenue’s California Plaza on a waterfall set stage that boasts a state of the art sound and lighting system.


Best part? Each event is free and open to the public!

Performances run through August 21 and feature a diverse array of internationally acclaimed artists including the Morrissey-inspired music of Mexrrissey on July 9, Rolling Stone’s Coachella 2016 must-see pick from the Democratic Republic of Congo Mbongwana Star on August 6, along with the only Arab band with openly LGBT members, Lebanon’s Mashrou’ Leila on June 17. 

A complete overview of the summer schedule is provided below. Check the link at the bottom of the article for more information on each individual performance.

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Grand Performances 2016 press photo

Image via Grand Performances

2016 Grand Performances Schedule

JUN 10
Prejudice and Pride
Fri 8 PM

JUN 11
Hear Poetry Now
Sat 7 PM

JUN 12
Cinderella by Sock Puppet Sitcom Theater
Sun 3 PM

JUN 17
Mashrou’ Leila
Fri 8 PM

JUN 18
Soy Africano
Sat 8 PM ·

JUN 19
Flutes Across the World
Sun 3 PM

JUN 24
Chicana Moratorium: Su Voz, Su Canto
Fri 8 PM

JUN 25
Classical Remix
Sat 8 PM

JUN 26
José-Luis Orozco ¡Come Bien! Eat Right!
Sun 3 PM

JUN 30
Making Escabeche with Ernie Miller
Thu 7 PM

Troker, Kneebody
Fri 8 PM

1 to 3
Sat 8 PM

Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band
Sun 3 PM

Happy Hours: Swing Electrique with DJ Derek Rath
Thu 4:30 PM

The Light Surgeons present SuperEverything*
Fri 8 PM

Sat 8 PM

JUL 14
Happy Hours: The Town I Live In with DJs Rudy Bleu Y Crasslos
Thu 4:30 PM

JUL 16
daKAH Hip Hop Orchestra
Sat 8 PM

JUL 21
Happy Hours: Congo Mashup with DJ Garth Trinidad
Thu 4:30 PM

JUL 22
Fri 8 PM

JUL 23
Our Nation Awakens
Sat 8 PM

JUL 28
Happy Hours: International Disco and Funk with DJs Joel Quizon & Rani De Leon
Thu 4:30 PM

JUL 30
Se Mueve: Aqui/Here: It Moves
Sat 8 PM

Mbongwana Star
Sat 8 PM

Sanubar Tursun
Sun 7 PM

AUG 12
Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre – FishEyes
Fri 8 PM

AUG 13
Disco Manila
Sat 8 PM

AUG 19
The Women Who Score: Soundtracks Live
Fri 8 PM

AUG 20
Kiosk with special guest Ardeshir Farah
Sat 8 PM

AUG 21
Fuzon & Ayaz Farid and Abu Muhammad Qawwal
Sun 7 PM

Keep in mind seating is offered on a first-come, first-served basis starting approximately two hours before each performance. Blankets and low backed chairs are welcome as long as they don’t block designated walking, dancing or wheelchair areas. Max capacity is around 5,000 people with a limited number of  amphitheater seats and chairs available on the lower plaza.

For more information visit the calendar page on grandperformances.org.