So Someone Built a Tiny Teahouse in Griffith Park and It Looks Pretty Rad

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[UPDATE: There’s already a petition to save the teahouse]

Early yesterday morning, atop Mt. Bell, an anonymous collective of artists and their friends celebrated the unveiling of a totally unsolicited and totally unique piece of pop-up art that (at least for the time being) will be an interesting addition to Griffith Park.


It’s called the Griffith Park Teahouse, and was built on an old concrete foundation (probably from a former utility shack) using reclaimed wood leftover from the massive fire in Griffith Park back in 2007. The ‘inauguration’ of the new structure included an informal tea ceremony and even an brief performance by an opera singer.

This, from the L.A. Times:

“Around 5:15 a.m., as the blackness of the sky gave way to steely grays streaked with bits of orange, the group ascended the mountain, past the Hollywood sign and the blinking lights of Los Angeles, up a narrow horse trail, to the teahouse, an 80-square-foot structure made from singed pieces of wood reclaimed from trees burned in the devastating 2007 Griffith Park fire.”

Ok, so I guess you’re probably wondering just what a “Griffith Park Teahouse” looks like…

Here’s a image tweeted out from the Twitter account representing the teahouse:

And another wider shot of the teahouse:

The creators engraved this message on the teahouse:

Of course, the celebration was barely over before doubts were cast about how long the structure might last.

More from the twitter account…

Who knows if/when this seemingly harmless art piece might be removed.

Personally, I’d say as long as it was soundly constructed and doesn’t pose an immediate danger to anyone who ventures inside, let it stay!

UPDATE: Here’s a write-up by Modern Hiker on how to get to the teahouse.


[h/t: Curbed LA]


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