So There’s Already a Petition to Save the Griffith Park Teahouse

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As I mentioned yesterday, there is a new guerrilla art installation called The Griffith Park Teahouse that was just christened at a early AM ceremony this past Tuesday, but it sounds like it may already be in jeopardy of being dismantled.

The rumor mill is churning that the parks department may move to take the installation down, although no official word has come out to my knowledge.


The closest thing to the horses mouth that I’ve read was by Casey Schreiner of Modern Hiker who put up the following message on the Hidden LA Facebook page yesterday afternoon:

“Rangers we talked to today said there are no plans to remove it immediately, but we’ve heard different things from other sources. Regardless of what you think of the structure or the project, if you want to see this teahouse you should probably head up there soon!”

And of course there’s this tweet (send yesterday) from the artists themselves:

The good news is that if you’re keen on keeping the teahouse, there is a petition on you now can sign to support the cause.

As of 9:00am today, over 1,000 signatures had already been added.

I guess I can see the point of view of conversationists who would make an slipperily slope argument about an artistic addition vs. graffiti or vandalism… but come on… that thing is beautiful!

I, for one, say save the teahouse!

PS: If you want to check the Griffith Park Teahouse out for yourself (maybe before it gets taken down), take a look at this write-up by Modern Hiker on how to get there.



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