The Only Guatemalan Hot Dog Truck in the U.S. is Coming to Los Angeles this Weekend

December 11, 2015 by Christina Champlin

The El Shuko Truck is making a permanent move from Las Vegas to L.A. some time in the new year, but in the mean time angelenos can catch some of the Guatemala goodness this weekend at a special pop-up, and it sounds delicious.

El Shuko Truck specializes in Guatemalan hot dogs, known as shucos. Their signature dog, the el chapin, features a beef frank, avocado spread called guacamol, mayo, boiled cabbage, mustard and ketchup. Try the Guatemalan longaniza sausage or pork adobo if you like your food on the spicier side.


There’s also a tasty sounding cherote dog, a carne asada based dog topped with chimichurri.

All dogs have the option of being served on a toasted bun OR mixtas style, where all ingredients are wrapped inside a corn tortilla like a hot dog taco.

Aside from the mouth watering dogs, the truck offers traditional Guatemalan street food, like beet and ground meat tostadas called enchiladas, small corn husk tamales called chuchitos, tostadas topped with a variety of items including ceviche, beans and even noodles!? as seen on their Instagram.

Let’s give El Shuko a warm welcome and head out to South L.A. (at 1025 E. 54th St., South Park) this weekend for a one of a kind Guatemalan street food experience.

The El Shuko Truck will be parked in a residential neighborhood at 1025 E. 54th St., South Park, (702) 927-7625, this Saturday, December 12 from 2:00pm – 10:00pm and Sunday, December 13 from noon – 8:00pm.

Follow them on social media to get the latest updates. Twitter and Instagram @ElShukoTruck