A Complete Guide to 4th of July in Los Angeles

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This is a very simple post. This post has a bunch of links and YouTube videos that will help you get the most out your Fourth of July experience in Los Angeles.

From where to watch fireworks, to grilling out home to, taking better pictures of those things exploding in the sky, we tried to cram as many useful resources as possible into this post.


Enjoy the list and let us know if you have any other tips you’d like to add in the comments section below.

Happy Fourth!

Some Extremely Useful Links

First off, because you’re undoubtedly planning to catch some fireworks on this holiday, here’s a list of where to see Fourth of July Fireworks in Los Angeles.

The LA Weekly discusses the DUI crackdown and what areas in Los Angeles will be targeted. Here’s a pro-tip: Don’t drink and drive.

A list of where fireworks are allowed in L.A. County, per the L.A. Times.

Want to capture a great Fourth moment. Here’s some handy DIY photography tips for  taking better pictures of fireworks.

Cooking at home to celebrate independence day? Allrecipes.com has a special Fourth of July section with lots of great ideas, from flag cookies to fruit salads to beef marinades.

Don’t want to cook? Eater L.A. gives you 18 great options for going out this Fourth of July in L.A.

The Times also has a handy list of where to eat and watch fireworks at the same time.

A list of annual Fourth of July events going on in Los Angeles.

Fourth of July Tips

If you’re grilling at your place for the Fourth, make sure you know the basics of how to grill:



And when you’re ready to put your leftover food away after the BBQ, here’s an aluminum foil hack that will change your life.



Lastly, because it’s awesome, here’s a video of fireworks on the Fourth at the Hollywood Bowl.

Enjoy the day!




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