The Chandelier Tree is One of L.A.’s Most Gorgeous Nighttime Gems

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Adam Tenenbaum didn’t really have an agenda when he attached the first chandelier to a massive tree that dominated his Silver Lake property. It was just a leftover from a project that a client had no use for. Something he thought deserved a better end.

By the time the third chandelier had been put up, it was clear he wanted to take things to the next level.


A plumber and electrician by trade, Adam decided lighting the chandeliers seemed like only the next most logical step.

Over time more and more pieces were added to the tree, eventually extending the domain of the spectacle by hanging lighting from branches that hung over the middle of the street.

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Supportive neighbors encouraged the project through positive feedback, and the ongoing result is one of the coolest public art projects going in the city of Los Angeles.

The best part for the general public? You can take a drive by the tree by on any given night to view the lights, snap a pic, and enjoy the space.

I would encourage you to learn more about the video by watching the cool documentary embedded below.

There is also map with an address to the Chandelier Tree in Silverlake after the jump if you want to go and check it out for yourself.



Chandelier Tree Location

2811 W Silver Lake Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90039



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