Dating in a Big City is a Hot Mess: 5 Reasons Why HAPPN is the Solution

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Let’s face it, app-based dating in Los Angeles is kind of a hot mess. The reality is for all the successful “matches” some apps help you find, the follow-through can lead to a series of false starts and disappointments, not least of which is that the person you meet in real life doesn’t quite live up to the expectation of what you’ve seen on the screen.

So, the question lingers… is there a better way? There is.

It’s called HAPPN and the premise is, well, kind of genius.

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HAPPN is a mobile app that helps you connect with people you’ve crossed paths with in real life that you’d like to get to know a little better. Here’s how it works:

Whenever you come within close proximity of another HAPPN-er out in the world their profile automatically shows up in your timeline with the added info of where and when you first, almost, met. If you and the other person both ‘like’ one another then chatting can begin.

We think this unique approach makes HAPPN an essential part of the dating equation in La-La Land. And here are five specific reasons why.

1. You’ll Never Miss an Opportunity

Contrary to the laid-back stereotype east-coasters like to lay on us, life in Los Angeles has a pretty frenetic pace. It’s easy to miss out on approaching that cutie in a coffee shop when you’ve only got two minutes to spare before you embark on a morning commute. Fortunately, that’s where HAPPN saves the day. No matter how quickly the moment may have come and gone in real life, you’ll get a second chance to reconnect later on your phone.

2. Meet People Who Do Things You Like

There’s so much to do in L.A. that you don’t want to be cooped up in your bedroom on a Saturday night swiping left or right. You want to be out doing fun things, taking advantage of all this amazing city has to offer. Whether it’s seeing a concert, going on a hike, or even just shopping for groceries, HAPPN helps you find people who, at very least, like doing at least one thing that you do too.

3. Proximity is a Big Deal in L.A.

10 miles in L.A. isn’t like 10 miles in virtually any other city in the world. Traffic is a killer, and for most daters distance is deal-breaker. But that’s where HAPPN really scores. The app uses geolocation services to show you users who are within 250 meters (that’s about 800 feet). This proximity feature encourages you to meet people while organically going about your day, and it increases the chances you’ll find a special someone who actually lives within a reasonable distance of where you are. In the city of angels that’s almost half the battle.

4. You Can Broadcast Your Availability

Want to put word out you’re looking to do something right now? HAPPN added a new <<See You There>> feature in 2016 that lets users know you’re up for sharing an activity in the next six hours, whether it’s going for a walk, catching a movie, grabbing a drink or sharing a meal.

5. It all Comes Back to Real Life Experience

Real connections start in real life, not on a screen. It’s hard to replicate that moment when someone catches your eye for the first time, and something inside you stirs. Wouldn’t you rather start with that moment, then see where it goes from there? That’s the thesis behind HAPPN. Honestly, it makes total sense.

So, are you ready for a whole new approach to big city dating? Download HAPPN today!

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