Hidden Cash is Back in Los Angeles. Drop Tomorrow. Hints to Come.

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Hidden Cash in Los Angeles

As was reported a few days ago, the triumphant return of @HiddenCash to Los Angeles is imminent. Today, he gave us a timeframe of when we can expect the first drop.


Hints will be delivered later this evening (Wednesday) with the first money placement starting tomorrow (Thursday) at 10:00am. All announcments will be made via the @HiddenCash twitter account (if you care to follow).

In case you missed it the first time around, basically this dude likes to hide cash in various parts of a selected city, tweet out hints about the locations, and watch the masses. It seems a bit market-y (and I say that speaking as someone who has worked in marketing), but we’re not necessarily complaining (much).

For a broader explanation of @HiddenCash, check out the CBS local report below.



If you do happen to go for the cash grab, please make sure to be safe. Don’t litter, don’t break stuff and for Pete’s sake be sure not to walk into moving traffic (we heard some disturbing rumors the first time around).

We’ll be updating this post with more details as hints roll out tomorrow, so be sure to check back.


Here are the Thursday morning hints:

Enjoy the hunt!


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