Just a Humpback Whale in Newport Beach Making Rainbows [VIDEO]

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Right place. Right time. Right rainbow.

On Sunday July 5 photographer Mark Girardeau captured an epic moment off the coast of Newport Beach when a drone he was flying framed in on a humpback whale spouting water from its blowhole at just the right angle to create a beautiful refraction and dispersion of the sun’s light.


Or, as you know it, a rainbow.

Girardeau’s friend Royce Hutain (who was also along for the excursion) told The Huffington Post:

“It’s really not that rare to see but the way it appears to come out of the blowhole and the angle of the shot make it extra special. Also this is clearly a magic whale with special powers.”

As one YouTube commenter said concisely, “So now we know what’s at the end of the rainbow…a Newport Beach Humpback Whale!”



[h/t: LAist]


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