So This Is Where To Get Ice Cream Tacos In LA

Tacos, a food synonymous with the city of Los Angeles. Ice cream, a sweet treat no one can say no to. Combine both and you got yourself an ice cream taco. Where do I get my hands on one you ask?

Enter, mad scientist ice cream sandwich purveyors CREAM– name appropriately stands for “Cookies Rule Everything Around Me.”


Originating from Berkeley, California this ice cream shop, named one of Buzzfeeds “27 Ice Cream Shops You Need To Visit Before You Die,” has a “CREAM Taco” on the menu that’s basically a ice cream sundae situated inside of a delicious taco shaped waffle shell.

Choose three flavors of ice cream, two toppings and a choice of red velvet or a regular waffle taco shell and there you have it, the famous CREAM Taco!

Interested in creating your own sweet taco? In honor of National Taco Day (October 4th,2015) CREAM’s LA and Orange County locations will celebrate with $2 CREAM Tacos all day- that’s pretty much the price of a regular street taco!


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