The LA Haunted Hayride is Back Starting on October 2nd!

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Do you love Halloween because it’s the one time of year where it’s socially acceptable to do things that terrify the hell out of you because they’re “fun”?

Check it.


The Los Angeles Haunted Hayride is back at the Old Abandoned Zoo in Griffith Park starting this October 2 with a totally revamped experience and a brand new theme: The Boogeyman.

The hayride posits itself as a “a high scare, high startle content experience” which basically means that you and a bunch of strangers get carted around Griffith Park in and old wagon while costumed characters, demons, witches, devils, and pretty much everything else you can imagine slink out of the shadows and terrify you (and you try not to pee your pants).

Needless to say, it’s pretty cool.

Keep in mind the Hayride is one of five scare zones included at the venue. Also featured this year are an In-Between Dark Maze, Trick Or Treat and a House Of Shadows, and Purgatory.

In addition to the scare zones, crowd favorites returning for 2015 iincluding Theatre Macabre, Death Row, Jack’s Carving Shack, the Scary-Go-Round, Pyschics, and the Grub Shack.

Ticketing and schedule details below!

LA Haunted Hayride
Image via LA Haunted Hayride

The 2015 LA Haunted Hayride will operate on the following dates:

7:30pm – 10:30pm on Sundays and Thursdays in October, and the Wednesday before Halloween.

7:30pm – 12:00am on Fridays and Saturdays in October.

Tickets can be purchased for just the hayride experience ($30 plus fees), an all-access pass for all scare zones ($43 plus fees) or a VIP front-of-the-line pass admission ($59 plus fees). Having sat in fat lines in 2013 for this event, I’m kind of inclined to say the front-of-the-line ticket is worth it.

DISCOUNTS: Our friends at Goldstar have discounts available for select dates throughout October, and if you compare costs with all fees included, it’ll save you about $3-$5, so be sure to shop and compare before you purchase.

Griffith Park Old Abandoned Zoo is located 4730 Crystal Springs Dr Los Angeles, CA 90027.



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