Craving Boba and Banh Mi in the Westwood Area? Koala Tapioca is Your New Jam

In just one short year Vincent Ho and David Mangold took Koala Tapioca out of the food truck game and into its very first brick and mortar. Conveniently located right by UCLA on Weyburn Avenue this addition to the Westwood community serves up tasty and inventive drinks as well as a savory food menu.

A few weeks back we had a chance to taste the menu at a soft opening event. Below are the highlights.


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The drinks: Over 20 kind’s of variations on teas, slushes, lemonades and speciality drinks. All sourced from natural and fresh ingredients. The flavors of the drinks really stood out as Koala Tapioca commissioned a former Patina cook to help with the drink and food program. Try the Milky Way from their specialty menu, a milk slush paired with boba and egg pudding with a dark caramel sauce.


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The food: Mouth watering fusion snack foods. Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwiches , Korean, Japanese and Hawaiian tacos, popcorn chicken and three types of fries… needless to say at Koala Tapioca there is something to please everyone. Try their famous Koala Fries, crispy fries are buried in loads of kalbi beef, sriracha aioli, pico de gallo, guacamole and cojita cheese.


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All in all, our night ended with a massive food coma and we couldn’t have been happier. Now armed with a full kitchen, permanent location and a bigger menu, Koala Tapioca is sure to please their loyal customers and gain more than just the UCLA community as fans.

Koala Tapioca 10965 Weyburn Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90024 


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