L.A. Based Artist Turns Parents’ Home Into Gingerbread House for Christmas

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As loyal readers of the blog may remember from this past October we did a quick blurb on L.A. based artist / photographer Christine McConnell, who transformed the exterior of her parents’ home into a spooky haunted mansion during the Halloween season.

Well, the artist in question is at it again, and while the holiday focus may have changed, the results are none less spectacular.


To celebrate the Christmas season McConnell undertook a project to turn her parents’ home (basically doubling as her canvas now) into a authentic spot-on gingerbread house.

A carefully constructed nylon rope net was used to mimic an iced roof (pretty tricky to install) and after the transformation was complete she even had her niece and nephew pose as Hansel & Gretel for a sweet (pun intended) photo.

Enjoy images of the process below (via the artist’s Instagram)






For more of her work, check out McConnell’s forthcoming cookbook, which you can preorder via her website.


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