This L.A. Artist Transformed Her Parents’ Home Into an Incredible Monster House

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Los Angeles based photographer McConnell spent four long days transforming her parents home into one of the spookiest monster house exteriors we’ve ever seen.

The result? Pretty freakin’ sweet.


McConnell posted the work to her Facebook, flickr, and Instagram pages, and the response has been overwhelming, including a feature on Buzzfeed (her other work is amazing too btw).

Here’s what the end result looked like:

First day…

And then night…

According to the SFGate, it look four 12-hour days to build everything out. The giant teeth and eyes were created by cutting out and painting foam-core boards. The finishing touches including a few Jack o’lanterns, giant spiders, and webbing.

While she’s decorated her parents house before, McConnell said that the project had never gotten this much attention before.

Well deserved, I’d say.

For more of her work, check out McConnell’s forthcoming cookbook, which you can preorder via her website.


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