L.A. Drivers Expected to Face Worst Pre-Thanksgiving Traffic in Country According to Study

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Planning on making a Wednesday drive to see family members on Thanksgiving? Thought you might head down the 405 to stay over night with friends? Well, prepare yourself to experience the absolute worst, mind-numbing, soul-bending traffic of the year.

How bad you ask? Well, driving trips in the region are projected to take 36% longer than average (ugh…).


According to data released Thursday from INRIX, a Washington-based technology company, Los Angeles tops the list of the nation’s most-congested cities this Thanksgiving season, with delays exceeding the national average by 10%.

“Los Angeles is simply the worst place to be on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving,” said traffic analyst Jim Bak via the L.A.Times.

Los Angeles Freeway Gridlock
Credit: Luke Jones via flickr

So… long story short, either plan around the Wednesday super-gridlock or prepare your mind for the possibility of sitting in your vehicle for extended periods (not a new experience for local residents). Or maybe you could just skip visiting your relatives altogether. But then again, that choice may depend on how much you like your family.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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