So There’s a Big ‘No-Pants Metro Ride’ Happening in L.A. This Weekend

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So you want ride around on the Los Angeles Metro with no pants on…



Cause there’s a day for that!

This Sunday, January 10, 2016 is the 15th annual incarnation of a world-wide no-pants subway day originally conceived by the creators of Improv Everywhere in New York City.

For the 8th year running the folks at GuerilLA will be helping organize the Los Angeles version of the event, and here’s how it works:

Participants (or agents as the organizers call them) gather at one of five rendezvous points and board their respective trains for phase 1 of the mission (all boarding times are between 1:00pm – 1:30pm).

The five rendezvous points are:

  • Sierra Madre Villa station on the Gold Line in Pasadena
  • Willowbrook station on the Blue Line in Willowbrook
  • North Hollywood station on the Red Line in North Hollywood
  • Wilshire/Western station on the Purple Line in Koreatown
  • Culver City station on the Expo Line in Culver City

Each of the rendezvous groups will have a ride captain who will help guide their teams to converge at Union Station, hang out for around a half hour and then board a 2:34pm train headed for Hollywood & Highland.

No Pants Metro Ride 2009
Credit: Ryan Jesena via flickr

After everyone arrives at Hollywood & Highland (roughly 2:55pm) the organizers with wrangle folks together, say a few inspiring words, and then break off to one of two (aptly named) debriefing locations… aka places to hangout, for scheduled 3:15pm meet-ups.

The debrief spots will be at Loaded Hollywood (21+ only) and the Pig N’ Whistle (more family friendly). 

Oh yeah, and did I mention you’re not supposed to wear any pants!

Couple key points the organizers want to highlight:

  • You NEED to wear underwear. This is a no-pants ride, not a nude ride. You should be fully clothed except for the pants part.
  • Total trip cost will be $7.00 if you already have a TAP card (required), or $8.00 if you need to get a new TAP card.
  • “Agents” are encouraged to act as nonchalant as possible throughout their ride. Draw as little attention to yourself as possible.
  • You’re also recommended to bring a spare set of pants in a pack of some sort as a “just in case” measure should the need arise to re-pant.

Depending on how the weather stacks up that day, you may want to consider an umbrella as well.

For more information, additional guidelines and specific instructions on the routes and timing for the day, visit the full event rundown at

And if you want to join the event and share with friends, there’s an official Facebook event page to make it a bit easier on that count.



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