Just a Couple Paddle Boarders Chilling With Some Great Whites in Huntington Beach [VIDEO]

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So earlier this week (Tuesday) a couple of great white sharks were spotted off the coast of Orange County. By Wednesday, more juveniles great white sightings were confirmed by lifeguards, and the Seal Beach Marine Safety Department posted warning signs about the presence of the sharks.

So what do you in situation like this?


Well if you’re Courtney Hemerick and Joseph Trucksess you grab your paddle boards and a couple GoPro cameras, and you hit the water to see what you can see.

The pair caught went paddle boarding this past Friday with the intention of spotting the visiting sharks, and here’s the video they took:

Truckess later told the O.C. Register, “My perception of sharks has been so distorted by Jaws and other movies. It was cool to see how peaceful and non-aggressive they are.”

Ok, sure thing man!

Not idea of a fun time, but hey, whatever floats your boat…

FYI, experts say that the sharks (most of which are 6 to 7 ft. long) are probably near the shoreline to hunt for stingrays.

No reports of any incidents since the new sharks arrived (but lifeguards still urge caution).

[h/t: LAist]


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