Is New Permit Parking Coming to Silver Lake?

Parking permits for Silver Lake? That may be the new reality if one city Councilman and a group of voical citizens get there way.

Following suit of other popular Los Angeles cities such as West Hollywood and Santa Monica, Silver Lake may be invoking new parking restrictions just south of Sunset Boulevard.


Calls for preferential parking restrictions, supported by a group of local neighbors and Councilman Mitch O’Farrell, are the direct result of the nighttime traffic/parking influx created by Club Los Globos and would disallow non-permitted owners from parking between 6 p.m. and 8 a.m in the surrounding area.

According to The Eastsider, Councilman O”Farrell detailed the local neighbors’ concerns in a letter to the Department of Transportation in August. Los Globos customers, “leaving after 2 a.m. are drinking, loitering and urinating throughout the neighborhood, and the residents are exasperated,” stated the councilman.

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Sunset Junction Sign
Credit: Brian Champlin / We Like L.A.

While parking is often a touchy subject for local businesses and residents alike, Los Globos manager, Ben Fried, supports the proposed restrictions.

In an email to The Eastsider, Fried stated, “We would never want our patrons to take any resident’s parking spaces, and we fully encourage and support permitted parking in our area.”

Furthermore, Los Globos actually owns an 80 car parking lot located further down Sunset that is, “only half full most of the evenings due to the proliferation of social options such as Uber and Lyft,” continued Fried.

So, how much are these (prospective) permits going to cost local residents?

  • Annual Permit: $34 (three per household)
  • Visitor Permit: $22.50 for four months (two per household)
  • One-Day Guest Permit: $2.50

The proposed permit parking restrictions cover portions of Robinson Street, Dillon Street and Marathon Street.

See map below:


[h/t: LAist]


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