So LACMA Had a Purple Rain Room on Friday to Pay Tribute to Prince

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There have been a lot of great Prince tributes over the past few days to honor the late musical icon, but the one at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art on display yesterday had to be among the most fitting.

Random International, the art collective responsible for the Rain Room exhibit currently on exhibition at LACMA, tweeted at the museum on Thursday night with a request to turn the lights purple inside of Rain Room in order to pay homage to Prince.


The Museum was happy to oblige.

Here’s the twitter exchange:

And here’s what the result looked like:

The Rain Room, which is set to end it’s current run at LACMA on April 24, will return later in May with a limited engagement that runs through July 12.

Now, as far as Prince goes, I’m pretty sure there’s nothing left to say that hasn’t already been said, so I will just leave this here…

via Nikki Leonti / YouTube

The above video shows Prince during a random jazz night at the W Hollywood in 2014 completely tearing it up with an impromptu guitar solo (you can tell how shocked everyone in the room is) during a performance of “Little Help From My Friends” by Nikki Leonti and Ryan Edgar.

As the song concludes Prince drops his axe, leaps off stage and disappears into the darkness of the crowd.

And like that… he was gone.

RIP Prince.


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