The Rain Room Will Be Back at LACMA for a Limited Engagement Starting in May

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Did you miss almost getting wet at The Los Angele County Museum of Art?

The bad news is that LACMA’s Rain Room will close on Sunday, April 24 for conservation efforts, but word is that hugely popular installation will be back starting on Thursday, May 19 and stick around until July 12.


Tickets for the second run went on sale this morning at 10 a.m. on LACMA’s official website, although according to their Twitter account the overflowing demand is putting a bit of a crush on the server.

According to the LACMA website, tickets may only be purchased online.

For the uninitiated, Rain Room is the work of London-based art collective Random International and, more or less, allows exhibit goers to walk through a rain storm and experience all of the effects but without getting wet.

via Random International / Vimeo

via Los Angeles Times / YouTube

According to the creators, “The work was created to heighten awareness of people’s own presence in space.”

The installation at LACMA covers about 2,500 square feet, allowing 20 to 22 people to visit at a time for 15-minute intervals. Five to seven people can walk through the simulated rain at once. Special sensors within the display detect your movements and ensure that water doesn’t fall within your area as you move through the space.

Good luck getting the tickets!

[h/t LAist]


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