So Los Angeles is Getting These Sweet New Library Cards Designed By Shepard Fairey

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Admit it, you probably don’t take advantage of our public library system as often as you should but chances are you’re likely be making your way to the nearest library soon to get your hands on some artwork by a famed street artist.

The Los Angeles Public Library just amped up its cool factor with the help of famed street artist Shepard Fairey, known for the Obama “Hope” poster and the Obey Giant artwork.


Fairey, along with artist Cleon Peterson, designed the new LAPL’s new library card- unveiled on Tuesday- giving it its first update after more than 20 years. What was once a simple design of colored bars, stars, and triangles in red, blue, and yellow is now an olive green and black illustration of the Central Library in Downtown.

The limited-edition work of art was initially created to promote the Library Foundation of Los Angeles’s Young Literati Annual Toast fundraiser.  Mayor Eric Garcetti opened the unveiling ceremony calling the library his  “favorite place in Los Angeles” and later posted on Twitter asking all Angelenos “obey” him and  go out and get the card at one of the 73 Los Angeles branches.

Fairey is a long-time supporter of the library having deejayed at Young Literati events and been a celebrity guest reader and his wife, Amanda, is a member of the foundation board and a Young Literati chair.

“When I was younger, I did most of my research for art and design at the library,” Fairey said in a press release.

Access to books for free, free artwork, and free wifi…  what’s not to like?

You can apply in person or online for a new card or get a replacement card for $3.

Just be sure to act fast, as these babies are in limited supply!


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