Here’s the July + August Schedule for Rooftop Cinema Club in L.A.

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The latest schedule for Rooftop Cinema Club was just released last week, and we’ve got the complete rundown below. But first, a couple reminders about the upcoming schedule:

First, be advised that We Like L.A. is hosting a summer kickoff party in collaboration with RCC on June 20. The evening will feature a screening of Dazed and Confused plus pre-screening trivia hosted by yours truly. And don’t worry, there will be plenty of prizes!


Secondly, note that Rooftop Cinema Club has added another location in Los Angeles. Screenings are now slated throughout the summer at LEVEL in Downtown L.A., as well at the Montalban Theater in Hollywood.

For all events doors open for each screening at 6 p.m., with snacks and drinks available for purchase, and (on most nights) a beautiful sunset to take in all before the movies start around 8 to 8:15 p.m. Regular tickets are priced at $19 per person, and special ‘Love Seats’ (basically you buy two seats at once) are being offered for $29. Tickets are on sale here

Check the schedule below with links to purchase for each event, and you can go here for the complete summer lineup (released so far).


Rooftop Film Club Los Angeles
Image via Roof Cinema Club

Saturday July 1 at the Montalbán: Brick

Saturday July 1 at LEVEL: The Godfather

Tuesday July 4 at LEVEL: Hidden Figures

Wednesday July 5 at the Montalbán: Brokeback Mountain

Wednesday July 5 at LEVEL: Sin Nombre

Thursday July 6 at the Montalbán: Get Out

Thursday July 6 at LEVEL: Beauty and the Beast

Friday July 7 at the Montalbán: The Theory of Everything

Friday July 7 at LEVEL: The Constant Gardener

Saturday July 8 at the Montalbán: La La Land

Saturday July 8 at LEVEL: Logan

Tuesday July 11 at the Montalbán: Moonlight

Tuesday July 11 at LEVEL: Mulholland Drive

Wednesday July 12 at the Montalbán: Hanna 

Wednesday July 12 at LEVEL: Get Out

Thursday July 13 at the Montalbán: Beauty and the Beast

Thursday July 13 at LEVEL: The Pianist

Friday July 14 at the Montalbán: Eastern Promises

Friday July 14 at LEVEL: Silence of the Lambs 

Saturday July 15 at the Montalbán: Logan

Saturday July 15 at LEVEL: Beginners 

Tuesday July 18 at the Montalbán: The Italian Job

Tuesday July 18 at LEVEL: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Wednesday July 19 at the Montalbán: 500 Days of Summer

Wednesday July 19 at LEVEL: Far From Heaven

Thursday July 20 at the Montalbán: Almost Famous

Thursday July 20 at LEVEL: Moonlight

Friday July 21 at the Montalbán: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Friday July 21 at LEVEL: In Bruges

Saturday July 22 at the Montalbán: Dirty Dancing

Saturday July 22 at LEVEL: La La Land

Tuesday July 25 at the Montalbán: Casablanca

Tuesday July 25 at LEVEL: Casablanca

Wednesday July 26 at the Montalbán: Pride and Prejudice

Wednesday July 26 at LEVEL: The Graduate

Thursday July 27 at the Montalbán: Logan

Thursday July 27 at LEVEL: Atonement

Friday July 28 at the Montalbán: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

Friday July 28 at LEVEL: Dallas Buyers Club

Saturday July 29 at the Montalbán: TBA

Saturday July 29 at LEVEL: The Godfather

Tuesday August 1 at the Montalbán: Dirty Dancing

Tuesday August 1 at LEVEL: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Wednesday August 2 at the Montalbán: La La Land

Wednesday August 2 at LEVEL: La La Land

Thursday August 3 at the Montalbán: L.A. Confidential

Thursday August 3 at LEVEL: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Friday August 4 at the Montalbán: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 

Friday August 4 at LEVEL: Moonlight

Saturday August 5 at the Montalbán: The Handmaiden

Saturday August 5 at LEVEL: Get Out

Tuesday August 8 at the Montalbán: Women on the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown

Tuesday August 8 at LEVEL: Casablanca

Wednesday August 9 at the Montalbán: All About My Mother

Wednesday August 9 at LEVEL: Pretty Woman

Thursday August 10 at the Montalbán: Volver

Thursday August 10 at LEVEL: Top Gun

Friday August 11 at the Montalbán: Law of Desire

Friday August 11 at LEVEL: Logan

Saturday August 12 at the Montalbán: Live Flesh

Saturday August 12 at LEVEL: Goodfellas

Tuesday August 15 at the Montalbán: Clueless

Tuesday August 15 at LEVEL: Dirty Dancing

Wednesday August 16 at the Montalbán: Heat

Wednesday August 16 at LEVEL: Lion

Thursday August 17 at the Montalbán: Casablanca

Thursday August 17 at LEVEL: Heat

Friday August 18 at the Montalbán: Get Out

Friday August 18 at LEVEL: L.A. Confidential

Saturday August 19 at the Montalbán: Beauty and the Beast

Saturday August 19 at LEVEL: The Godfather

Tuesday August 22 at the Montalbán: The Edge of Seventeen

Tuesday August 22 at LEVEL: Casablanca

Wednesday August 23 at the Montalbán: Moonlight

Wednesday August 23 at LEVEL: Rocky

Thursday August 24 at the Montalbán: Logan

Thursday August 24 at LEVEL: Annie Hall

Friday August 25 at the Montalbán: La La Land

Friday August 25 at LEVEL: Logan

Saturday August 26 at the Montalbán: The Godfather

Saturday August 26 at LEVEL: Saturday Night Fever

Tuesday August 29 at the Montalbán: Grease

Tuesday August 29 at LEVEL: Get Out

Wednesday August 30 at the Montalbán: All the President’s Men

Wednesday August 30 at LEVEL: La La Land

Thursday August 31 at the Montalbán: Beauty and the Beast

Thursday August 31 at LEVEL: Beauty and the Beast

As a reminder Must be 18+ to attend and 21+ to drink alcohol.

Visit for more information and to purchase tickets.


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