The Four Scariest Things in California, According to the Year 1994 [VIDEO]

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I’m not exactly sure what I just watched but I think it’s kind of amazing and had to share.

Earthquakes, riots, mudslides, and… well, the punchline is just so 1994.  Spare 30 seconds of your life and give it a view.


Also, if anyone has more info on the origin of this video, would love to hear it!

Feel free to comment below.

This video was uploaded to Paul Comestack’s channel on YouTube, and FYI, there appear to be other 1994 videos on his channel as well if you want to murder a few more minutes of your life.

Frankly I have no idea whether they’re contemporary comedy spoofs meant to look like 90’s stuff or simply material recorded back in the 90’s that has now found its way on to YouTube. I suspect the latter, though in either case, it’s kind of hilarious.

[h/t: Reddit]


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