So What Was That Streak of Blue Light You Saw Last Night While Driving Through Los Angeles?

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Did you catch the light show last night in Los Angeles?

Seeing the stars in the  L.A. sky is no easy feat so when a blue/green light is seen streaking the skyline it’s cause for speculation that inevitably ends up catching fire on social media.


People began tweeting about the fireball around 9:40 p.m. Tuesday with footage reminiscent of the video that lit up social media that was revealed to be space debris from Russia.

Here’s an embed from the ABC7 Eyewitness News Twitter that shows footage of the blue light as it streaks across the sky:

The object was most likely a piece of interplanetary debris that was re-entering the atmosphere and heated up to create a meteor, Dr. Ed Krupp from Griffith Observatory told KTLA.

The debris passing through the atmosphere likely lead it to burn up which is was most Angelenos witnessed, according to Krupp.

In a statement released to the City News Service (per the Pasadena Star News), U.S. Navy Lt. Laura Stegherr of the U.S. Strategic Command confirmed that last night’s incident was not the reentry of any man man-made object.

It turns out “space junk” hitting the atmosphere is fairly common but rarely actually seen by people unless it’s a missile test flight like what some on the West Coast witnessed last year.

All this fanfare has proven one thing; it’s never aliens, at least not yet.


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