Taco Bell Begins Testing Delivery Service in Los Angeles Today

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No need to make a run for the border, the border now runs to you!

Via a report from USA Today, fast-food retailer Taco Bell has announced it will begin testing a delivery service on Wednesday at 200 locations spread throughout Dallas, Los Angeles, Orange County, Calif., and the San Francisco markets.


Customers near the test outlets will be able to order via the delivery service DoorDash, and it’s actually very simple.

Here’s how it works:

  • Login to DoorDash (app or website)
  • Select your location
  • Search for Taco Bell (it’ll appear if there’s one that services your area)
  • Place your order to home or office.
  • The DoorDash driver will notify you when they’ve arrived.

And that’s it!

Taco Bell Sign
Taco Bell Sign. Credit: Mike Mozart via flickr

For deliveries via Door Dash there is no minimum order amount but a $3.99 flat fee is automatically added.

Tips for drivers are also recommended as a courtesy.

For what it’s worth, I did a quick test run to see if I could order in my area (Montebello) and I could not. I also tried a downtown L.A. zip code (90012) and had no luck either.

However, when I selected Santa Monica as my location I finally found a Taco Bell nearby that would deliver my order. Same for Silver Lake.

Delivery time estimated: 37 minutes.

Have at it!

(or not)


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