Let’s Talk About Fried Chicken in Los Angeles

Part of what makes this blog so fun is that we get to ask our readers for their opinions and observations, allowing the content we produce to become more of a conversation than just a proclamation.

The interactivity is fun, and the collaborative aspect means we usually end up with better lists/recommendations/ideas than if we just tried to do it all on our own.


So what is today’s topic of the day? Chicken, specifically of the fried variety.

Now I’ve been busily stuffing my face researching contenders for a ‘best fried chicken in Los Angeles’ list over the past few weeks and already have a number of solid contenders. Some of the early spots I’m confident will appear on the list include:

  • A-Frame
  • Major Dave’s Fried Chicken
  • Howlin’ Ray’s
  • Pioneer Chicken
  • Kyochen
  • Plan Check
  • Son of a Gun

As you can imagine, the process of tasting and approving the choices listed above is quite the undertaking.

But somebody around here has to do it, right?


However, even with diligent research (both online and in the field) there’s still a point where you have to admit you might not know everything.

That’s why we want to hear from our readers.

What’s your favorite fried chicken in Los Angeles?

Comment with your suggestions (either below or on the Facebook post on our page). Send us an Instagram or tweet at us. Send us a Snapchat (add us at welikela). You can even email us at [email protected] if you’re so inclined.

The point is, we want to hear from you about where you like to get fried chicken in Los Angeles.

Keep in mind we’re looking for both the crème de la crème, fancy restaurant type options and the cheap, fast stuff too.

If it tastes really, really, really good, we want it on the list. If it’s located in L.A. County, we want to know about.

Once we’ve received some additional feedback, we’ll continue our taste-testing and research, then finalize a list (which we will link here once we’ve completed).

And that’s it!

ALSO: If anyone has a suggestion on the best antacid to take after eating mounds of friend chicken, that would probably be helpful as well (I’m going to need it!)

Look forward to hearing back!


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