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A Dude Time-Lapsed the Santa Monica Pier and It’s Effing Awesome

June 12, 2014 by Brian Champlin

Filmmaker Tony Leech captures the gorgeous essence of beach life at Santa Monica in this short time-lapse video entitled, “Miniature Santa Monica Pier”, which the director says was created specifically for ‘The Daily’ (Newscorp’s iPad magazine).

The video documents  a full day and night cycle of life at the Santa Monica pier, but in my opinion the real magic arrives in the last 30 seconds of the vid when the musical crescendo hits as night falls and the lights of the ferris wheel come alive.




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If you’re interested, see more of Tony’s work by having a look at his Vimeo home page.

Also, here’s the direct  link to “Miniature Santa Monica Pier” on Vimeo.