The Ultimate Map of Free Things to Do in Los Angeles (And Yes, They’re All FREE!)

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If you’ve been looking to get to know Los Angeles on the cheap (and have loads of fun in the process) then this is the map you’ve been waiting for!

What I’ve done below is use the Google Maps Maker and then take the dozens and dozens (probably over 100 total) free things to do in L.A. that I’ve researched over the past year, and put them on one handy, responsive tool embedded for anyone to use.


Although you can look at everything at once, I broke the pins on the map into four main categories:

  • Free Museums, Galleries & Botanical Gardens
  • Free Landmarks, Points of Interest & Places to Hang Out
  • Free Activities & Classes
  • Free Concerts, Comedy Shows, & Theater

The nice thing about the Google Maps Maker is that you can actually de-select the layers so if, say, you only want to look for free museums, it’s extremely easy to filter for those.

Oh, and because I know not everyone is necessarily map-oriented, I would suggest checking out the following three links if you’re really serious about doing stuff for free in L.A. but don’t want to bother with the map:

Feel free to bookmark, embed on your own site, and most of all, enjoy (and if you have suggestions or corrections please let us know in the comments below).

[HINT: For the best mobile experience, tip your phone sideways so you can see the map in landscape mode]

What did we miss? Let us know suggestions for other things to put on the map in the comments below!


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