5 Reasons Using a Mobile Car Washing Service in L.A. Is a No-Brainer

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People spend so much time driving in Los Angeles that vehicles become almost like a second home. But what does that home say about you? More practically, how often are you washing it to upkeep appearances and maintain a positive impression?

Short answer: Probably not as often as you should.

But that’s where a mobile car washing service like Washos is the perfect solution.

Washos is changing the way people take care of their car and we think it can be the ideal option for busy angelenos who need to freshen up their rides without sacrificing their schedule.

In fact, we think now is the perfect time to hop on the mobile car washing bandwagon. And here’s why.

1. You Can’t Just Wait for the Rain

Make no mistake, we love our SoCal weather. 75 and sunny works wonders for pretty much everything… except free car washes. And that can lead to the biggest mistake of all: Choosing to go too long between when you wash..

Dirt, dust, sand, wind, leaves, and everyday wear and tear from driving on L.A. roads can take a toll on your car quicker than you think. So next time you spot your dusty sedan sitting in the driveway remember you can’t just wait for the El Nino to give it a fresh scrub.

2. You Don’t Want to Waste Time Stuck in Traffic

Ok, so now you know you need to get a wash, but do you really want to take the time?

First, there’s just the agony of just driving to the car wash location. In Los Angeles five miles can easily equate to 50 minutes of drive time during rush hour. That means getting in your car for something as simple as a car wash can become a massive inconvenience.

Even when you arrive at the wash location there’s sure to be a line of vehicles spilling out on to street that could easily add another 20-30 minutes to the chore.

The beauty about a mobile service like Washos is that they come to you, and they’ll work on your timeline. Their handy online software for booking appointments makes arranging service a snap. There’s even same-day availability!

3. You Care About The Quality of Work

Let’s say you actually made the time to wait for an automated wash. Now what exactly are you paying for?

Automated machine washes simply can’t compare to having a flesh-and-blood professional carefully hand washing or detailing your car. That’s where Washos provides perhaps it’s greatest value.

Washos only works with established professional detailers that are insured, background-checked and rigorously tested before going to work on customers’ cars. And they only charge you after the service. If anything goes wrong, Washos will come back for free.

4. You Want Someone Else to Clean Those Hard-to-Reach Spots

Precision detailing requires both technical skill and professional tools. If you choose to do it yourself you’ll a) potentially waste up to 80-100 gallons of water and b) miss spots because you don’t have the skills or equipment.

Washos utilizes eco-friendly supplies to help conserve water and works with trained pros that can scale up their level of service to fit your needs.

A standard $21 ‘Gleam’ package is a simple 30-40 minute hand wash service that includes a full exterior wash, tire dressing and rims cleaning, and exterior window cleaning.

If you want to step it up to the ‘Reveal’ package you’ll get a thorough interior and trunk vacuuming, an inside wipe down including the door jambs, window cleaning inside and out, a complete wax to protect and shine, leather cleaning and conditioning, plus a light stain removal treatment. That’s a complete 90-120 minute service for $89.

No matter what package you choose, you can’t go wrong!

5. You Realize Convenience is Priceless

When you book a Washos appointment you can be assured you’ll be getting a premium experience at every step of the process. That includes a high quality of work, the convenience of having someone come to you, and a great value for dollar spent.

And as customer all you need is to provide your car and a reasonable space to clean it. No matter where you’re located in the greater L.A. area, they’ll get to you within 90 minutes. Washos brings everything else (including a power generator and water supply) with them. All you have to do is set up the appointment.

With a combination like that it’s easy to see why a mobile car wash service makes perfect sense for just about every Angeleno. Oh, and by the way, if you book through Washos today you can save $15 using the promo code WELIKELA.

There’s no better time than right now to give it a shot!

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