What’s The Best Taco Spot in Los Angeles? (Readers Choice)

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We’re always on the look out for new foods spots to try and new adventures to be had, and we figure there’s no quicker way to crowdsource some quality info than by soliciting the advice of our loyal readership (that means you!)

To wit, we’re starting a new readers-choice series where we ask Angelenos about their picks for the best of what Los Angeles has to offer.


Today’s topic: The Best Taco Spots in Los Angeles.

Just leave us a note in the google form embedded below (it’s all anonymous, no personal info required) and give us a suggestion for what YOU think is the best place to get a taco in L.A.

No rules or restrictions or special caveats. Just tell us where you think is the best.

We’ll be compiling the results of the quick survey over the coming week and we’ll update this post to share the results, so definitely bookmark and check back.

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Oh, and thanks for reading 🙂


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